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City of Perry Outdoor Decorating Contest

Submit a photo of your home or business between Nov. 24 - Dec. 8 into Perry Pride's 2023 Annual Holiday Lights Appreciation Event

Let’s make the most of our time at home this season and spread cheer to our neighborhoods with festive outdoor decorations. Dig out those holiday lights and get creative. Whether you go for a traditional look, love 10-foot inflatables or take the Griswold Family Christmas to heart, all ideas are welcome. Let’s send 2023 out on a bright note!

Submit your photos between Nov. 24 - Dec. 8

Perry Pride will post submissions to our Facebook page on Dec. 11. Cast your vote for your favorite houses and/or businesses by liking their image by Dec. 15. Winners announced on Facebook on Dec. 16.

Four homes and one local business will win!


Perry Pride will award the homeowners with cash!

  • 1st place $100 cash

  • 2nd place $75 cash

  • 3rd place $50 cash

  • 4th place $25 cash


Perry Pride will donate $100 to the charity of their choice.

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